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18 February 2018
Update #6
GameClient - Fixed: Grinding on high latency.
GameServer - Fixed: Missing ServerData folder.

16 February 2018
Update #5
GameClient - Fixed: Tweener.cs on GameClient causes fake latency on some mobile devices & pcs, but it was supposed to remove latency.
So we won't use tweener anymore.
GameClient - Fixed: If you clicked on Leave session, it will be remembered by UnityEngine.EventSystems so when you press the Submit button you will leave the session after joined to new session.
GameClient - Fixed: Movement bug after game ends.
GameClient - Fixed: Scores doesn't show at game ends.
GameServer - Fixed: Skill request is working after game ends.

Demos are updated.
9 February 2018
Update #4
GameServer - Fixed: Hook doesn't work sometimes. Skill.cs - Line:253
GameServer - Fixed: Wrong calculation of spamming causes spammer detection.
GameServer - New: Created skills & buffs stays will be removed at the new round start.

3 February 2018
Demo servers are updated
Because of the last patch 0.1d fix on servers, all server demos are updated.
If you faced with a latency in local area network, try the new demos.
Google Drive
Update #3
2 February 2018
Version 0.1d
Game Server - Fixed: Frame rate is stabilized to 20 to fix lag on some devices.
Game Server - Fixed: Faster mover skills could not touch.
New Tutorial Video: Installation and Building Client & Server
1 February 2018

Update #2
30 January 2018
Version 0.1c
GameClient - Fixed auto target on GamePad
GameClient - New hero: Robot
GameClient - New skill effect: Hook
Server - Added new skill type: Hook

Demos are updated. You can try the new hero 'Robot' here

Update #1
13 January 2018
Version 0.1b
GameClient - Added AutoTarget system
GameClient - Added a new 4 team 4vs4vs4vs4 map
GameClient - Fixed a network message bug on UICastingItem
Server - Fixed AIAgent map data
Server - Added a config for the new map

Demos are updated. You can try the new update here

12 January 2018
Client_Win32.zip is updated.
Client_Win32.zip build was not working because of a DLL error. Now it's working.
If you have any problems on demos, please report it to support mail.

29 December 2017
New hero sample Priest
Priest hero sample is available now.

Priest's skills:

Priests heals the teammates by the default buff on him. Also he can poison and slow down the enemy. Watch the gameplay

28 December 2017
New hero sample Assassin
Assassin hero sample is available now.

Assassin's skills:
Throwing poison dagger
Fatal damage
Instant Teleport

Assassins can teleport to low health opponents and kill them instantly. Watch the gameplay

28 December 2017
New hero selection panel
Smarter AI Bots
New hero sample: Assassin

24 December 2017 All demo builds updated.
-New buffs: Speed up - Damager Object
-New skill effect types: Damager Object (adds buff the target), Speed (Speed up the target)
-New hero: Whirlwind Barbarian
-AI Bots will select the correct heroes for their team.
-Balanced gameplay.

24 December 2017
New hero sample Whirlwind Barbarian
Whirlwind Barbarian can buff herself to speed-up and can turn herself into powerful whirlwind.

12 December 2017 New hero sample (Doctor) and advanced Bot AI
New hero sample is available.
He can use Heal, Poison and Stun skills.
The AI Bots can heal themselves & teammates.
Also he has a default buff in his json file. He heals the closer agents & himself by 1 point per seconds.

9 December 2017
Skill Effect Types and Buffs
Now, a skill can have a different effect type like: healing, poison, stun...
Here is the list of buffs: