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Creating a hero is simple.

Heroes needs UI icons (hero and skill icons), skills and skill particles.
Put your hero's prefab to Resources/Heroes/ folder.
Your hero will need an animator works with EasyMOBA. You can find the sample animator in the assets folder. Duplicate it by pressing CTRL+D and change (or leave it) the animations with your own animations. The current animations is only for Humanoid Skeleton.

Put your hero's skills (will be instanced as particle) to Resources/Skills/ folder
Put your hero's skills' effects (will be instanced as particle) to Resources/SkillEffects/ folder. SkillEffects must have the same prefab name with the skill prefab name.
Put your hero's icon and skill icons to Resources/Icons/ folder

Now, let's create .json file for the new hero on server side.
Go to ServerData folder. ServerData folder is placed in the server applications folder. If your server is Unity project, see the picture below.

Go to heroes folder.

You will see the current heroes there. Copy one of them to create new one, than name it. Name isn't important, it's just a file name.

Open the json file via any text editor. (Notepad++ is suggested)

As default, player heroes must have maximum 3 skills because the limitation of Input Manager (KeyController.cs), but increasing this number is easy, you need to define a new keycode. Please check this page.

"clientPrefab":"Wizard", // It's the client prefab name. Go to your Resources/Heroes folder, you will see Wizard prefab. Mean is enter here your hero prefab name.
"moveSpeed":8, // Moving speed
"health":40, // Max health
"collision":1, // Collision size
"heroType":0, // 0= PlayerHero, 1= Creature. Heroes and creatures shares the same script.
"skills": // Skills list.

"clientPrefab":"Fireball", // Skill prefab name. Go to your Resources/Skills/ folder, you will see Fireball prefab. Mean is enter here your skill prefab name.
"moveSpeed":12, // Moving speed of skill, if its moving
"collision":3, // Hit radius
"damage":14, // Damage
"cooldown":1, // Skill cooldown
"casttime":0.25, // Casting time
"life":1, // Lifetime. This will be destroyed in 1 seconds.
"hitAndDestroy":true, // Will be destroyed when hit someone?
"hitContinous":false, // Keeps hitting, or once?
"skillType":0, // 0 is mover skill. 1 is area
"botsDecideChance":100 // AI Bots decide frequency.