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EasyMOBA comes with the multiple language support. You can see the current languages at Resources/Languages/ folder.
Language files are text files (.json)
You can edit the current language files like;

"text":"Last Round!"
"text":"Level UP!"
"id":60, "text":"slained by"
"id":61, "text":"NEW TEXT!!!"

You will need to edit this files when adding a new map & game modes and skills. All skill prefabs in Resources/Skills folder, should have a Language component with a Language ID.

To add a new language, just duplicate the current language files and name it. File name is important here. File name will be the language name in the main menu.
Don't forget to add new language icon (mostly flags :)) to Resources/Icons/Languages folder.

-Language sound support-
Language system supports the different sound files foreach languages.
But this feature is still in BETA and currently used when instancing heroes only.
Currently, heroes can say Hi, Hail etc. in German and English languages on birth.

If you call the SoundPlayer with language=true, the sound files should be placed at Sounds/'LanguageName'/ with the same name.
For example:

You can see the code here for language sounds.

AgentSoundData asd;
void Start ()

asd = GetComponent<'AgentSoundData'>();

Invoke("Hail", 0.1f);

void Hail()
if (asd != null)
SoundPlayer.PlaySound(asd.born, gameObject, true, 1, 0.7f); // SoundPlayer.PlaySound (string [], GameObject, isLanguage)

We will add more language sounds in time.