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The client side of EasyMOBA is a Unity Project.

All contents are located in Resources/ folder.
Heroes, creatures, skills, skill effects, map exports, sounds and musics.
For example to add an hero: just create your hero prefab and put it on the heroes folder. Define the new hero on server side and the new hero is ready.
Check the Adding Contents section for more info.

Client application is well-designed for all platforms and gamepads.

Both mouse click movement and W-A-S-D movement is supported on standalone input. But aiming is always with mouse.

If you have a connected gamepad mouse movement won't work and the gamepad will be active with button names on UI.
Gamepads well mapped for:
Logitech Gamepad
XBOX 360 Gamepad

If the application runs on a mobile platform, touch stick will be activated at the left part of the screen.