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EasyMOBA is a ready Unity Project you can build your MOBA without any coding skills.
EasyMOBA is smart. Both client & server reads the data from the folders.
You can add heroes, creatures, new hero levels, new maps, new game modes just editing that folders.
For more information, please check the Documentation/Adding Content section.

EasyMOBA doesn't limit you. It just has a ready, fast & multi-functional server side and client.
With the coding skills you can create everything with EasyMOBA.
For example; You can create Third Person Multiplayer Action Game in hours by just editing CameraScript.cs & AgentInput.cs
You can even make Co-op mods, Singleplayer mods with EasyMOBA but all the game mechanics is holded by the server side, so even on a singleplayer game made with EasyMOBA will require an internet connection.

EasyMOBA comes with a playable demo.
You can find more information about the assets in their folders.