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Comes with a playable demo. You can play & test the game client and server before purchasing.

Seperated client and server. Server does the mechanics, the game client simulates. All game sessions (even on single-player) run on the server side.

Cross playform ready. W-A-S-D and mouse click movement for Standalone, virtual touch stick for Mobile and full Gamepad support with UI gamepad button Icons.

4 gameplay map mode: Singleplayer, Co-op, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. But Internet connection is always required.

No limitation, you can make a map 1000 vs 1000 on a single game session but you can guess the performance :)

No coding skills required. By adding/editing Json config files and using your own assets (heroes, particles etc.), you can build your game.

Uses Unity's networking. The communication between client & server has been built on Unity.Networking by using Network Messages.

All the game sessions are handled by one dedicated server executable with a custom light-weighted collision detection system.

Ready for publishing The server and client is well tested for publishing. The current state of the demo shows that. You can make some tests with that demo and see the results.