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06 March 2018
SNet is released
SNet is now available on Unity Asset Store.
SNet on Asset Store

04 March 2018
SNet Installation
After you imported SNet to an empty project, you must follow these steps:
1- Download https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/animations/rpg-character-mecanim-animation-pack-free-65284 and import
2- Download https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/characters/low-poly-soldiers-demo-73611 and import
3- Copy the files in Assets/Plugins/Facepunch.Steamworks/Native/--LIBRARY FILES-- to Assets/../ to work.
4- Fix the animations of low poly soldiers (Watch the end of the tutorial video)

25 February 2018
Update #3
- Fixed: Long delay of authorization session
- Fixed: Non-hosted players cannot see the networked prefabs. (Awake() moved to Start() in SNet_Scene_Auto_Spawn.cs)

18 February 2018
Update #2 0.1c
- New: Incoming messages transported via delegates. New usage of register handler: RegisterHandler (className, target void)
- Removed: Incoming messages transported via GameObject.SendMessage.

15 February 2018
Update #1 0.1b
- Fixed: Proper Valve Anti Cheat integration just like described here: https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/auth.
- Fixed: Non-authed users cannot be the master client if there is a VAC OK user in the lobby.
- Fixed: Losing the display after leaving the lobby.
- Fixed: The other users see no aiming while the user aiming on a FreeOnSeat vehicle seat.

14 February 2018
Demos are now available!
Download Demos on Google Drive

13 February 2018
Advanced vehicle seats
Some updates on vehicles here, now you can see the vehicle seat UI bottom of the UI. You can change your seat by pressing F buttons.
Also, if the seat's FreeOnSeat variable of IKWeapon component true, you will able stand still and shoot. Like a pickup truck.

12 February 2018
Creating a spawnable network prefab
There is a new video released to understand network spawnables.

Tutorial Steps in this video
Creating a spawnable network prefab
Using Scene Auto Spawn system
Spawning prefabs over the network via Spawn_Request() function (C#)

11 February 2018
SNet network messages tutorial
Creating a new network message for SNet is quite simple.

10 February 2018
Understanding IK Weapon system
There is a new video released to understand IK Weapon.

Tutorial Steps in this video
Creating a new weapon
Making a proper weapon prefab
Using Item Spawner
IK hand adjusting and saving
Making a IK for both hands to make a two handed weapon.

9 February 2018
IK Hands system implemented.
Now you are able to add a new character with a new IK class.
You can create unlimited IK classes means you can add unlimited player characters with a different bone structures without changing item prefabs.

Check this video (It will start from 6:50)

5 February 2018
Tested with 4 players with no latency.
The whole SNet system is tested with 4 players with no latency!
Check this video!

1 February 2018
Big network optimization
We didn't a network optimization for SNet. So our first test has failed :) We tested SNet with 5 players on Steam servers but we are unable to play because of latency. Our fault.
After hard working on the SNet_Message, SNet_Transform, SNet_Rigidbody, SNet_Vehicle and SNet_Controller scripts and we finally succeeded.
Now we played the demo with 4 players with 8kb/second and almost no latency.
You will able to play the demo with a lot of players without any latency when the demo is ready.