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IMPORTANT: You cannot use SNet for a non-Steam game


- No server needed. It's peer to peer multiplayer. Uses Steam P2P networking via Facepunch Steamworks.

- Steam Matchmaking (Lobbies). Inviting players on Steam, auto join game.

- Steam Voice Chat.

- Valve Anti-Cheat (implemented as described here https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/features/auth.

- Text Chat.

- Code is optimized & documented.

- Almost no lag. Low bandwidth on even a crowded game.

- Networking is similar with Unity.Networking. SNet_Animator, SNet_Transform, SNet_Rigidbody do their job but if it's necessary.

- SNet is not a compiled DLL, all scripts written in Unity with C#.

- Third person controller includes two layered player animator (Upper body and lower body).

- Item IK system. Different IK Settings on different bone structures is possible. You can find more information on this tutorial video Adding a new player character to SNet (Tutorial Video)

- 3 weapon types:
Melee (Raycast)
Bullet (Raycast)
Throwable (Instantiates prefab. Used for Grenades, Rocket Launchers etc.)

- Multi-seat vehicles.

- Basic Car Controller.

- Includes basic helicopter controller for tutorial to implement your own vehicle contollers to SNet_Vehicle (Even a horse:))

- Ragdolled players.

You can test all of the listed features on the playable SNet demo. Please test it here before purchasing.

You can play this demo with people around the world. It act like default Steam game 'Spacewar'
But if the Steam test lobbies get crowded, Steam may not allow you to the game for a while. But you can try another time.