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Welcome to SNet.
SNet is a ready third person shooter template for Steam Peer-to-Peer Multiplayer.
It comes with third person shooter template with multi-seat vehicles, ragdolls, explosives and many features.
SNet uses open source Facepunch Steamworks to connect with Steam.

This well designed multiplayer system converts Json string to byte[] and shares with the P2P connections.
Uses Steam Lobbies, Steam P2P Multiplayer, Steam Interface Invite/Join game, Valve Anticheat and Steam Voice thanks to Facepunch Steamworks.
The all code is C# and well commented. For example you can find HeliController.cs file in the project will show you how to implement your new vehicle controller to SNet.
It's a simple Helicopter Controller is coded in 15 minutes for tutorial.
SNet is not Steam P2P multiplayer solution only. It comes with a third person shooter template with many features like New Player Creator, Adobe Fuse Auto Material Generator, Weapon IK, Editable Third Person Shooter Animator and more.
Please watch the tutorial videos to understand how SNet works.
SNet also comes with a multi-seated vehicles support, you can check the vehicle samples on our videos.

Any questions, please use the support button in top menu.